Archeologists found something shocking in Nemeck, you must see it!

Archeologists found something shocking in Nemeck, you must see it!
Archeologists found something shocking in Nemeck, you must see it!

Shocking announcements in Germany. Archeólógovia could hardly believe their eyes.

Archaeologists in Germany have published an almost 600-year-old skeleton with a metal artificial limb. According to the statement of the Bavorského štátneho úradu pre ochranu historickich pamiatok archeólógovia vydovanie datovanie hóměstí isotopov úhlíka a udhli, the husband was probably 30 to 50 years old but died in the years 1450 to 1620. The prosthesis was made of iron and replaced four missing fingers.

​”For experienced archaeologists, this was a unique announcement,”

it is stated in the statement of the Bavarian state authority for the protection of historical monuments, which he added, the fingers are probably already amputated. At the same time, it is not clear if the owner of the skeleton lost his fingers and if he could use the prosthesis, it is reported in the news.

The index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger are made separately and the wearer of the prosthesis cannot move them. The fingers of the prosthesis are slightly curved but parallel to each other. A gauze-like substance was found in the prosthesis, which the wearer probably used to reduce the deformity of the hand. The skeleton was found by archaeologists in the immediate vicinity of the church in Freising, near Munich.

According to the official announcement, approximately 50 similar prostheses have been found in the Central European region, mainly from the late Middle Ages (approx. 1300 – 1500) and the early modern period (approx. 1500 – 1800). The Úrad mentioned a particularly fine specimen worn by the German knight Götz von Berlichingen in the 16th century. After that, if Götz lost his right hand as a result of a soldier’s death in the battles, he started instead of wearing a “pohyblivú” but “technically very complex” prosthesis, according to the statement.

Freising was the scene of several military battles, including the Thirty Years’ War between 1618 and 1648, which probably increased the need for amputations and prostheses. From a historical point of view, archeologists have already found a finger prosthesis in Egypt dating back to 2600 to 3400 BC and a leg prosthesis in Italy dating back to 300 BC

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