Nevyvola plach in human eyes. Why do Israelis wear wonderful rags on their helmets?

Nevyvola plach in human eyes. Why do Israelis wear wonderful rags on their helmets?
Nevyvola plach in human eyes. Why do Israelis wear wonderful rags on their helmets?

An Israeli with a helmou omotanou specialnou handrou known under the name “micnefet”. It is made of mesh, so the soldier can pull it over his head if necessary. PHOTO: Shutterstock

Sútež vojneškej krásy by izraelský soldiers with a pokrávou hlavya known as “micnefet” nevyhrali ale čerpeč svätí světí světrí The war in Gaza showed Israeli soldiers who had strange handrové chumáche on their heads.

VIDEO: Top ten tricks in military camouflage

If they weren’t green, they would look like carnivals. Or ako včelári. It’s a bit of a mystery to the layman, because they have it in their heads. More precisely on helmets.

Military camouflage trick

Misnephet actually does not pass Israel or the name. Sometimes it’s called a chef’s hat, sometimes it’s a clown’s hat. Or a nightcap.

The Israeli soldiers look quite curious in this, no other army in the world has anything like that. So why do you Israelis wear it?

Reason says, already before, aby ich nebolo vijesti. But this is a mistake. Is it close enough that no one notices them? But that’s the difference.

A small secret in which the tr…

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