Europol has released a new list. There are two Slovaks in it

Europol has released a new list. There are two Slovaks in it
Europol has released a new list. There are two Slovaks in it

Europol recently updated the list of most wanted persons in Europe. Among the criminals on the run are two Slovaks and one Czech, who are on trial in Slovakia.

The list includes people accused of serious crimes, including murder, human trafficking, drug dealing, armed robberies and other serious crimes.

Organized drug dealing

Martin Šmatlák is one of two Slovaks on Europol’s most wanted list. He even has the label “nebezpečný”, like Róbert Okoličány.

According to information, Europlu was a member of the organized group with specific tasks. He participated in the production of methamphetamine in the village of Priechod from January 2019 to July 17, 2020. This substance was sold to various customers, both dealers and end consumers.

For the production of methamphetamine, they allegedly bought precursors in Poland, specifically drugs, but then produced the drug. Šmatlák also imported the necessary precursors, actively participated in the production, but handed over the material for personal financial gain.

In the period from June 2012 to March 2013, especially in Zlaté Moravce and other localities in Slovenska, little Martin Šmatlák, Emília Schvarcová and Elena Polonská intended to illegally obtain financial resources from the budget of the Slovenskej republiky. Through entrepreneurs who are VAT payers, they requested illegal VAT tax returns in the total amount of at least 369,356.39 euros.

In the period from May 2012 to December 2012, these individuals unlawfully reduced the VAT tax obligations of other entrepreneurs by at least EUR 57,486.77, while breaking 25 concrete criminal acts.

Mafia boss

The second wanted Slovak is Róbert Okoličány, who was issued an international arrest warrant for founding, organizing and supporting a criminal group and a terrorist group.

The structure of the “Okiho” group was well organized and stable. Róbert Nigut was Okiho’s right-hand man, who had gathered in his old age. Okoličány chose personal security guards from their ranks and created a trip group that solved sudden problems.

Another important role was played by Jozef Leško, who specialized in extracting money from entrepreneurs. However, the Okoličányho group was not concerned with just výpalným a úžerníctvom.

Some of its members spent the night in clubs and hernias, waiting for the players to eat all the money. Then they lent them money veľkoryso, but with huge interest. If the debtor had problems with returning money, the group quickly convinced them with sticks and axes.

Later, the Okiho gang decided to take the bloody road. The Okoličányho group had several prospects.

The first victim of the Okoličány gang was Jozef Ferenc, the evictionist of the beauty salon. On April 7, 2001, he shot Okoličány himself, wounding him in the back of the head. Despite this, everyone already thought about him, he is already an undercover cop, he joined the gang. They did it because they could get rid of it.

Okoličány is still on the run, the authorities involved in criminal proceedings are relying on international cooperation to catch him.

“Ordinary” florist

The third person in question is the Czech Republic, Eva Zámečníková, who was charged with attempted murder. According to the complaint, she ordered the murder of her husband, but she was willing to pay 50,000 euros for it.

He is currently allegedly hiding in an unknown place in the Czech Republic. The entire case began when, according to the verdict, she ordered the murder of her husband, a Slovak, on January 15, 2014. However, the husband turned himself in to the police when he revealed his intentions.

Zámečníková had to provide the potential executor with a firearm and give him instructions on the execution of the murder on January 17, 2014. The motive was to obtain part of the husband’s property, since after two years of infidelity the court would declare him dead.

The police detained them on January 24, 2014, but the judge took them into custody on January 27 for planning a premeditated murder, for which he was threatened with a life sentence. During her detention, she found out that she was already pregnant with another husband, but they were released in August 2014 at a high stage of pregnancy.

Kvetinárka disappeared in 2020 when she left the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic. The Senate of the Supreme Court finally sentenced them to 8 terms of imprisonment. Since then, she has become one of the most sought-after women in Europe.

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