Ukraine Russian Online: According to the American defense minister, a German came to Kyiv

Ukraine Russian Online: According to the American defense minister, a German came to Kyiv
Ukraine Russian Online: According to the American defense minister, a German came to Kyiv

Russian volunteer Demidenka, who helped Ukrainian refugees to return to their homeland, was detained but accused of treason. This was introduced by the Russian BBC editorial board on its website with reference to Demidenko’s son.

Oleg Demidenko told the portal “I can explain” that his father had already written him a letter from väzobnej váznice. He introduced in it that they accused him of having already handed over “evacuated data” to Ukraine.

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Demidenko is accused also of illegal trade in weapons, to which he admitted according to his son “under pressure to protect his loved ones from persecution”.

Dôchodca Demidenko has been helping refugees from Ukraine for more than a year to get to the only functioning entrance on the Russian-Ukrainian border, Kolotilovka-Pokrovka.

Since last May, up to nine hundred refugees have slept in their homes in the Belgorod region, neighboring Ukraine, on the roads to the country, some of whom stayed longer because of problems with documents. Sám Demidenko himself told the BBC about huge transition fronts.

Since mid-October, his relatives have not been able to contact him. The taxi drivers later told the volunteers that two all-terrain vehicles had already arrived at Demidenko with the signs of the Russian Guard, with which vystupli fúzatí muži in maskovačí uniformách forced the volunteer to leave with them.

Later, the Russian media appealed to Demidenko’s relatives, and the court took him to prison, first because of the offense of allegedly drinking alcohol in a prohibited place, and later because of the charge of illegal trade in weapons.

Dobrovoľník’s wife, Natalja Višenkovová, told reporters that a house search took place in their home on October 20, to which her husband was brought. Witnesses saw many bruises on his back. Pictures of pomliaždenín were published on social networks.

According to Oleg’s son, the father spoke on the phone about torture, okrem iného tied to the radiator and shot under his feet. But in the latest report on the social network of the volunteers, the son wrote that the father believed in the FSB secret service, that he was trying to protect his relatives from illegal repression by the Russian guards, but that he did not decide to tell the family, that he was kidnapped and tortured.

The BBC added that the ruské úrady had not yet been informed about Demidenkoch’s accusation of treason. (ČTK)

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