His friend molested his daughter: He made him dig his own grave! A shocking conclusion to the case

His friend molested his daughter: He made him dig his own grave! A shocking conclusion to the case
His friend molested his daughter: He made him dig his own grave! A shocking conclusion to the case

The girls’ father repaid his ex-boyfriend in an extremely cruel way (Source: Twitter/@ErikentK)

Vjačeslav Matrosov (35) has two daughters with his wife Natália. Vyacheslav’s longtime friend Oleg Sviridov (†32) was very close to the family from the beginning. Just like that, he already became the godfather of both girls. The girls liked to spend time with him since they were little, so parents often let Oleg guard them, reported the British DailyMail. However, Oleg abused his parents and daughters (6) for a long time, about which the parents had no idea. However, once Oleg drank alcohol, Vyacheslav, perhaps out of boredom or out of curiosity, picked up his mobile phone and looked at the photos and videos stored in it. However, when he found a video in which Oleg directly forces his daughter to have sex while she screams that she has to stop, she can’t take it anymore, he couldn’t believe it. Oleg confronted a lot of people, but he said he really beat them up.

Summary of the war in Ukraine – deň č. 630 (Source: Facebook/General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

He wanted him to report himself to the police, but he did the right thing. Instead, however, Oleg ran away. Vjačeslav didn’t know what to do, but he decided to go to the police himself with Oleg’s phone. The police started a search, but the father of the daughters knew Oleg Dobre but found him first. When he found him in the woods near the village of Vintai in the Samara region, he gave him, in his own words, an ultimatum: either dig your own grave or go to the police. Vraj ho čal kopaním hrobu len vystrašiť, but Oleg didn’t know that. He didn’t want to go to the police, maybe he knew what pedophiles were waiting for in the base, but he didn’t want to die on the spot either. So you were digging a grave, but at one point you allegedly attacked Vyačeslav with a knife. A battle broke out, during which Oleg was mortally wounded. Vyacheslav buried in places shallow graves but left them there. The body of the young man was found shortly afterwards.

Oleg’s mother claimed that he was already very fond of girls. He always helped Vyacheslav’s family and looked after girls when needed. It is said that he always returned home in a good mood. Tvrdila, even with solitary abuse, he had to be very drunk. In his phone, however, the police found videos with several girls between the ages of 6 and 11, he also abused the daughter of his former partner, who had them in a relationship before him. Oleg was seen wandering outside with minors, but no one thought of what he could do to them.

Vyačeslav’s story about Oleg’s accidental killing was finally confirmed by forensic experts. The court sentenced Vjačeslav Matrosov to 18 months for alleged suicide. After a lot of pressure from the public, you only served 6 months in prison. The case of September 2021 is definitely at the end.

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