Are we looking at the evolution of evil? The scientist claims that even on the islands in Indonesia there are still ancient people


20 years ago, scientists found a small but complete skeleton of a native species of man right on the Flores Islands in Indonesia. Scientists then began to look for evidence of the migration of people from Asia to Australia, because if everyone really came from one place and was able to spread to the whole world, there had to be someone who was the first.

The skeleton was named “Homo floresiensis” after the island on which it was published. But it didn’t last long, but people began to call this type of man the Hobbit from the Lord of the Rings at a young age, according to the LadBible portal.

First research

A solitary small skeleton was subjected to research, which showed that Homo floresiensis had already died 12,000 years ago. Further studies claim that this species probably died out definitively 50,000 years ago.

However, it was published by anthropologist Gregory Forth, who declared that an ancient man could not live forever. Forth claims that for too long scientists have ignored the signs pointing to the possibility, even in the forests of the Flores islands, the “monkey man” is still running away.

In his work, which he published in The Scientist newspaper, he claims that he has already spoken to several witnesses. They claimed to him that they had already seen something that could be proof that the ancient man was still alive.

Witness statements

“My goal in writing the book was to find the best explanation – that is, the most rational and empirically supported – Liových správ o tvoroch. In the book there are reports of sightings from more than 30 eyewitnesses with whom I spoke. But I came to the conclusion that what they told me can be explained by the fact that a non-sapiens species already lived on the islands of Flores. wrote.

In addition, he added, even local statements about something that is not completely human have a “desirable resemblance to people”, but something that is similar to us but yet different can be considered “problematické a worrisome.” According to Forth, pravda still somewhere outside but podla neho sú two possibilities – biko stille žieve alebo vymrel for the last hundred years but not before 50-thousand years, ako trvdia iní.

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