State aid has been extended by three months

State aid has been extended by three months
State aid has been extended by three months

The European Commission announced on Monday that it has already extended the relaxation of state aid rules by another three months, until the end of June 2024. This will allow the member states of the European Union (EU) to help companies during the coming winter with high energy prices, which have risen due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. tensions in the Czech Republic. TASR informs about this based on reports from DPA and Reuters.

The EU executive introduced state aid rules in March last year after thousands of companies were affected by the war in Ukraine. At the same time, she introduced that this regime will end in December 2023.

The introduction of rules made it possible for Member States to provide assistance to companies in times when they were facing an extraordinary shock, said EU Commissioner for Economic Competition Didier Reynders.

Initial extension is a little late until March

At the beginning of November, the Commission indicated that the relaxation would be extended until March 2024, but on Monday, in its latest statement, it stated that it had already taken into account “feedback from the Member States” and extended the relaxation of the rules until the end of June 2024.

“Umožní to eldšním štátom predĺžiť svoe podporné schemy a szávejní aby somány kéj sásiahla kriza, ebíl cut off from the necessary help in the coming winter vykurovač period,” the Commission said in a statement.

The changes announced this Monday concern the compensation of high energy prices, but also some broader aspects, whereby aid ceilings for agriculture, fisheries and other sectors have been increased.

Help has strict rules

However, the extension of aid will not apply to liquidity support, if state guarantees are discounted loans, or to measures aimed at supporting the reduction of electricity demand.

According to Monday’s decision, the EU states can provide aid up to 2.25 million euros per company to compensate for the additional costs brought about by the high prices of gas and electricity.

Výnimky pay until June. Reynders remarked that they always suggest that they are limited in time.

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