The worst torture device in history? The Spanish donkey suffered the most brutal corrections

The worst torture device in history? The Spanish donkey suffered the most brutal corrections
The worst torture device in history? The Spanish donkey suffered the most brutal corrections

They exist periods of time that were characterized by extreme cruelty. One of them is also the Middle Ages, where it hurts to use non-traditional ones, well very effective torture methods, including soaking the head in boiling water or bringing a person into a tight cold room. Ako informed portál LADBible, medzi testių spóbosmi vydŕča technika zváná Spanish donkey, who according to many experts, it was among the worst torture instruments in the world.

Trestná koza alebo Spanienky somár was the first time created in Europe in the late Middle Ages, but as a torture tool it was introduced only in the early modern period. He wanted to be at first used as one with the form of a pranier, the rulers later became so popular that it became an independent instrument of death.

The subject basically it looked like a horse’s saddle with a triangular or diamond shape at the top, which was often metal. Trestanac the torturer had to sit on a narrow rope, where he had to be tied, until gravity and the weight of the body did not kill him. The total height of the goat/donkey was also at least 150 centimeters so that a person could not touch the ground with his feet.

It was used for torture or as a punishment for death

The original version of the device, however it was not effective, because the pain had to wait a long time. In order for torturers to speed up the process, they mounted weights of several kilos on the legs of the trespassers, which pushed their bodies down. Sotná miera bolesti then depended on how long a person sat on the metal spike.

Although the donkey was mostly used as a form of punishment, sometimes it cost even that, the torturer left the man on the tool for too long. This caused her to cut her own body in two. If the torturer was very evil, he set fire to a trestaného tree under his feet. Tento spóbás mal double effect, because it caused pain and at the same time forced the trestaného to twist, which accelerated the process on the donkey.

The donkey spread to the world according to what it wanted krách was used during the Spanish Inquisition in the 12th century. There are even documents that talk about its introduction in the Czech Republic, but between the 16th and 18th centuries.

This torture device was also used outside the borders of Europe. One of the supporters was aj the first president of the United States, George Washingtonkóry naň he sent his own soldiers to punish them for minor offenses. According to the portal History Defined, the president most often ordered them to sit on the instrument for 15 minutes, which, although it caused pain, did not kill them. On the contrary French settlers in Canada in the 17th century used donkeys with the intention of causing permanent damage to health.

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