When a predator becomes useful: In the video, the shark attacked a shark and tore it to pieces


Every animal has its place in the circle. Some are stanú korisťou njójních predátorov and others, on the other hand, live on plant food. Recently, however, pictures have been published on the Internet that show the animal ecosystem in use. As reported by the DailyMail portal, the shark, which normally used a shark, attacked this predator and even bit off part of its body.

A shark attacked a shark in the water.


Incident with took place on October 20, 2023 in Monterey Bay, California. The video was captured by marine photographer Loriannah Hespe, who is noticed that the white shark already vytiahol on the surface of the belasého shark. However, the conflict between users and predators soon escalated. It’s Uškatec he threw the opponent out of the water and tore off part of his jaw, which he later devoured.

Uškatce according to experts they mostly live on small fish, such as herring, sardines, anchovies or mackerelwell they also enjoy larger predators, including stingrays and halibut. According to marine biologist Chris Lowe, a professor at the University of California, encounters between sharks and sharks are not entirely unusual. “Ľudia si často I can’t imagine that marine mammals already eat such predators,” he said.

Podła vedcov sú sú súškatce zajstnými opportunistami, čo means, they are already allowing themselves big predators. In this case, that’s a bit much umocnené tím, it was not about a mature individual. “We have a tendency imagine sharks as animals that are huge and dangerous. It’s true, they’re predators, but too many species don’t pay it,” said Dave Bader, chief operating officer of the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, California.

Bader explained, already many sharks it is less than a meter, but most measure up to 2.5 meters. “This means that even a relatively small amount is dangerous, but an even smaller percentage of them represents a danger. If it is a shark, does not mean that, it is already a top predator,” he noted.

Even though they are sharks considered predatory hunters, some species are particularly endangered. They include aj the belasý shark itself, whose low population was mainly driven by human activities. “Kedysi ich tu bolo much viac. Ale dnes sú ijedim z právní knei vyhladilo pytliactvo,” added Bader with the claim that hunters already collect shark fins, which are very valuable on the black market.

Although they are predators, white sharks are very endangered.


However, experts are caught between a shark and a shark the most surprising thing was that the predator, despite the battle he had eaten, did not stop swimming. “This is very unusual I can swim faster and sink deeper than a sea urchin,” Bader noted.

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