The first wedding of a well-known billionaire was a sight to behold, as the young bride rejected the official ceremony in exotic places


Beautiful women always flowed around him. Finally, he is reading to the daughter of a famous actress, who could be her daughter!

When Richard Chlad (61) fell in love with the young beauty Anny-Marie Kánská (30), their relationship attracted a lot of attention in the Czech Republic. Around tohto boháča, there are always many attractive women.Anna is 31 years younger than him, but despite that, after two years of relationship, he managed to get her to the altar. The 60-year-old is almost the same age as his parents.

We all know his mother-in-law

His mother-in-law, actress Veronika Kánska (57), alias Blažena from the cult comedy Sun, hay… is four years younger than him, the bride’s father is getting old. However, Anny-Marie’s parents were absent from the Maldives.


She is known as Blažena, the actress Veronika Kanská, but her daughter is Anna-Marie Kánská, who is having her first wedding. Not exactly official… Why?

Source: Profimedia/ Facebook: Anna-Marie Kánská

The ceremony went by, but the couple said yes, but it was just about the wedding “in the eye”.

Even the rich groom confirmed this: “My lawyer warned me that even if the wedding took place according to Maldivian laws, their laws would be based on Shariah law, but this did not please Anna, so she rejected the official wedding in the Maldives.” We have to gather again, officially, podla českých zákonov,” Chlad told Therefore, a second wedding in the Czech Republic is planned.

Who is Richard Chlad? He was a car racer, so he invests most of his money in buying luxury cars. Dnes sa pochváliť luxusnou zabrjebrou, which apparently no one can compete with in the Czech Republic. Despite his great wealth, he didn’t really want to command the public, recently he has gained more attention because of disputes with Zuzana Belohorcova’s husband:


His behavior is rude and his messages are terrible and vulgar, they tell more about Zuzana’s husband…

Jeho odnie neresťou hurts beautiful and young women. It wasn’t until you found Anna-Maria that the media became more interested in him. Chlad also invested in real estate. In Tenerife, he bought a new villa in a sought-after neighborhood on the coast of Adeje, but he and Anna enjoy a luxurious life without the media.



Czech billionaire Richard Chlad (61) and Anna Maria Kánská (30) have a small wedding in the Maldives

Source: Profimedia

My mother-in-law has no problem

Richard understands that they are in-laws, reported to Veronika Kánskej z jeho úst samé hlávy.

‚‚So svokrou vychádzam od kópeli schoglena, I must say, she is already a fantastic woman, energetic but still young to everyone. We got along with Veronika from the beginning, I think, even from the beginning, the age difference didn’t hinder her, because Anna already had several older partners before me. Also, Veronika was quite used to it.”

You can read what he says about his zaťa and how he reacted to the elder bridegroom’s father on here:


His daughter is reading about the 31-year-old billionaire’s hands! The problem with that was a little bit otec nevesty, rovesník…

While at the wedding in the Maldives, the bride wore a beautiful long white off-the-shoulder dress with a bodice decorated with pearls designed by Kateřina Šimo, she is not planning any romance at the Czech wedding. “I didn’t plan the second wedding at all, it’s a formality for me. I will wear clothes.” You have provisionally entered your new surname Chladná on the Czech register.

You can see more photos of the prominent couple in our photo gallery:

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