Russian fundamental changes in gasoline market conditions

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Vladimir Putin and Russia change the conditions on the gasoline market. Source: Michal Bednarek

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Russia has decided to cancel the ban on the export of gasoline. The reason for this is an overabundance of offers and a drop in wholesale prices, reports the newspaper Pravda based on the statement of the Russian Ministry of Energy. A similar cancellation of the Russian oil contract was also implemented last month.

Russia ended the ban on oil and gasoline exports

The domestic market is saturated surplus in the supply of motorového benzinu lazy for two months. The largest exporter of nafty even in September introduced a contract for the export of imported goods in order to cope with their shortage in the country. Only Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan were given Výnimku.

We have already informed you that oil is the main export commodity of Russia. In the past period, a total of 35 million tons were exported, while only 4.8 million tons of gasoline were exported. The ban on fuel exports caused a rise in prices on world markets a prínútil odberateľov urýchlene sáchá alternative sources. At the moment, however, prices have stabilized and even the market price of crude oil is falling significantly.


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World demand will grow

In addition to restrictions, the Russian oil market has also been affected by the reaction of mining in Saudi Arabia and limited production in the last few months. Currently, it is expected already svetový dopyt po rope bude rásť. The same thing happens on the offer pages. The main difference, however, appears to be in Russian deliveries, where there will be a decrease.

Increase in demand for gasoline to the level of 9 million barrels per day it represents the highest values ​​since 2021. Predajný tlak dov dov tlací čeny down, but the situation can fundamentally change as early as November 26, when the OPEC session decides on the future production of crude oil. If they increase them, the price drops again. Krajiny vyvázajúce ropu článek nevolália, aby trhové ceny ropy klesli na úkor ich izkov.

Cheaper refueling in Slovakia too

The price of ropy has fallen by approximately 20% over the last 2 months, which causes cheaper tanking. We also feel this in Slovakia, where we fill up with diesel for 1,627 eur/l, 95-octane petrol for 1,587 eur/l and 98-octane petrol for 1,800 eur/l. In the long term, however, it is expected that prices will rise.

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