The most powerful reactor in Europe is shut down due to a malfunction


The most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe, but the third reactor of the Finnish nuclear power plant Olkiluoto, has been shut down since Sunday evening due to a malfunction.

This was announced on Monday by the Finnish energy company TVO, which operates the modified power plant. This is reported by the AFP agency.

“The production of electricity in the OL3 reactors was interrupted on the evening of Sunday, November 19, due to a fault located on the so-called turbine island,” TVO announced on the X platform, previously known as Twitter. She added that the cause of the failure is currently under investigation, and it is not clear when the reactor will resume operation.

Olkiluoto 3 is a so-called European pressurized reactor (EPR) of generation III+, developed by French companies, but it has a capacity of 1600 megawatts. Its construction began in 2005, but the test facilities were put into full operation for the first time last September, and it was put into operation in April of that year. Vyrába approximately 14 percent with “finskéj elektriny”.

VIDEO: If the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor was born

The original plans included putting it into operation more than 12 months ago. According to revised plans, the small temporary production of electricity was fully launched last December, but during the testing phase this step was postponed several times.

As well as other EPR projects in Finland, France and Britain, the construction of this reactor was characterized by delays and unexpected high financial costs. Scientists began to develop a modern reactor of the EPR type after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 in order to ensure greater safety and production capacity.

With its production capacity of 1600 megawatts, Olkiluoto 3 is the most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe, while the Ukrainian Záporožská nuclear power plant is the largest European power plant with its six capable reactors.

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