This is not Viktor Vincze. With artificial intelligence, we created the first virtual moderator


Moderátor, aký u nás némá prádudu. We are not talking about our colleague. What you see in the report attached above is not the real Viktor Vincze.

Together with an IT specialist, we created the first virtual moderator in Slovakia.

“In this case, we have taught artificial intelligence,” says Viktor Vincze. She learned jeho hlas, she learned pokymy jeho pier. You have trained this, but now it is possible to use it with any text, but it will sound and look like Viktor,” explains artificial intelligence expert Martin Spano.

The task was set to several types of artificial intelligence. We were surprised, even one of them had actual data.

Most of these softwares have trained data that is closed and new ones are not there.


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The problem with the facts

Odborník draws attention to a problem with factografiou.

“Niekedy si elámá intelligencia može vymídňať. That’s why you have to pay attention to what he writes to us. Simply, when she doesn’t know something, instead of saying that she doesn’t already know it, there’s an incorrect fact. This is her biggest problem at the moment,” Spano said.

We have also encountered this situation. When artificial intelligence couldn’t answer the question about the cause of death of actor Matthew Perry, it simply made one up.

Those with closed dates claimed that the actor is still alive. It took a couple of hours before we were able to come up with a usable result.

You can find out more in the attached report above.

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