A 21-year-old Italian suspect was detained on a highway in Germany

A 21-year-old Italian suspect was detained on a highway in Germany
A 21-year-old Italian suspect was detained on a highway in Germany

Talian, who was issued a warrant for the murder of his ex-partner, was arrested on Sunday night on a highway in Germany, the police in the town of Halle in the eastern part of the country announced on Sunday. The DPA agency informed about this.

German police stopped a 21-year-old suspect on the A9 highway near Leipzig and detained him on the basis of a European arrest warrant.

Emergency services received a report of a vehicle without its lights on on the highway late Sunday evening. After the police checked the guide, they found out that the Italian authorities had already issued a warrant against him. The husband was subsequently arrested, the resistance nekládol. The vehicle was previously spotted in Austria, writes DPA.

A twenty-two-year-old student from the village of Vigonovo near Benátok disappeared a week ago after meeting her ex-partner. His body was found on Saturday in a ravine near Lake Barcis in the northwestern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The number of cases of femicídy rises

The Italian authorities officially started investigating the unfaithful woman’s ex-boyfriend a few days earlier. According to information from the Italian authorities, the couple had been in a relationship for 18 months before the wife ended the relationship during the year. However, they remained in contact with each other, but before they disappeared, they saw each other in a shopping center during the past weekend.

The High Court in Naumburg is now to decide on the extradition of the suspect’s husband to Italy; termin pojedvania doposiaľ not determined.

The incident sparked a public uproar in Italy and a public debate about the increase in feminism in the country. Podła információ talianskeho ministrystva vnútra occurred as a result of the generation of criminal offenses in the country since the beginning of the term of life of 80 women. Ich vrahmi boli pritom most ich partneri alebo bývalí partneri.

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