Migrants can compensate for the lack of labor force

Migrants can compensate for the lack of labor force
Migrants can compensate for the lack of labor force

Illegal migrants, asylum seekers in Germany are a welcome compensation for the lack of labor force. The capital of Germany agrees with this migration policy.

Migrants who reach Germany illegally, but asylum seekers whose applications are rejected, could help the country compensate for the lack of labor force. This was introduced on Sunday by the new director of the UN Migration Agency (IOM), Amy Popeová. TASR informs about this on the basis of the administration of agency DPA.

“We listen to the private sector, it’s easier to hire someone who is already in the country,” Popeová said the day before her first visit to Berlin. From a practical point of view, there are good reasons for such a procedure, she added. She called the decision on whether to provide work to migrants who came to the country illegally a political issue. “However, there is no clear evidence that illegal migrants who then get a work permit serve as a magnet for others,” she emphasized.

Berlin’s migration policy was evaluated by the head of the IOM as an example. She specifically mentioned the agreement with India, in which Germany defines the lack of qualified labor force and India then searches for suitable candidates.

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