Polish ruling party Pis faces criticism from the president

Polish ruling party Pis faces criticism from the president
Polish ruling party Pis faces criticism from the president

Polish President Andrzej Duda criticizes the poor representation of the winner of the elections and the so far ruling party Právo a świętość (Pis) in the leadership of the parliament. TASR informs podla agentury PAP.

The President entrusted PiS with the formation of the government as the winner of the elections, but the party cannot form a parliamentary majority due to the current political style. Most of them have three opposition coalitions – Občianska koalícia (KO), Tretia cesta and Nová Āvica, which also agreed on the creation of a government coalition.

Duda stated in an interview with týždenník Sieci (Siete) that the already poor representation of the winning party in the presidency of the Sejm and the Senate proves “disagreements between declarations in public spaces and practice”.

“On the one hand, we hear beautiful sounding slogans about democracy, on the other hand, a specific act of revenge is taking place,” he argued.

“The situation in which the largest parliamentary group… has no representatives in the Sejm and the Senate has nothing to do with the principles of democracy,” said Duda.

The Sejm, the lower house of the parliament, elected the former opposition politician Szymon Holownia (Third Road) as president at its founding meeting on November 13. He was supported by 265 deputies in the 460-member Sejm, but defeated the previous president, Elzbieta Witeková (PiS). With the support of 203 votes, Witeková failed even as a candidate for the post of vice president.

Malgorzata Kidawová-Bloňská from Občianskej koalície won the Senate, the upper chamber of the parliament. She won 66 out of 99 votes and defeated Marek Peka from PiS. He also failed as a candidate for vice president.

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