MIMORIADNY ONLINE Putin will participate in the virtual summit of the G20 group: Ukraine destroyed over 7,000 soldiers

MIMORIADNY ONLINE Putin will participate in the virtual summit of the G20 group: Ukraine destroyed over 7,000 soldiers
MIMORIADNY ONLINE Putin will participate in the virtual summit of the G20 group: Ukraine destroyed over 7,000 soldiers

Illustrative photo (Source: SITA/Gavriil Grigorov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

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Summary of the war in Ukraine – deň č. 632 (Source: Facebook/General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)


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16:10 For the last week, Ukrainian forces destroyed 711 units of Russian military equipment and 7029 Russian soldiers, informed the first Deputy Minister of Defense Oleksandr Pavliuk.

15:00 The Ukrainian teenager Bohdan Yermochin, who was taken by the Russians from Mariupol, was returned to Ukraine.

14:23 Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the G20 virtual summit on Wednesday. In September, he skipped the summit of the world’s 20 largest economies, which was held in India, reports the AFP agency, which refers to the Russian media.

“Vladimir Putin will take part in the G20 virtual summit,” on Sunday, Russian television station Vesti TV launched Putin’s program for the next week. However, the television did not provide more information about the nature of Putin’s participation in the summits.

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Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Beijing (Source: SITA/Sergey Guneev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

14:00 As a result of delostrellecký ostreľovania Khersonu bolo zranených 6 people, including a three-armed child.

13:00 The Ukrainian army announced on Sunday that it had already pushed Russian forces three to eight kilometers from the banks of the Dnieper river. If this were to be confirmed, it would be the first significant step that the Ukrainian army managed to achieve during its months-long counter-offensive, informs agency AFP.

12:54 In Chersone, a 6-year-old girl was wounded by Russian sniper fire. The governor didn’t specify what serious injuries he was talking about, he said, already the child is getting medical help.

11:31 am Air defense destroys 15 out of 20 drones in night Russian attack. Russian forces yesterday launched drones over the northern border of Ukraine at approximately 8:54 p.m. Zasiahli neinejnoje jeden objekt infrastrukturaty.

8:45 Väznený Russian nationalist blogger and critic of the Kremlin’s military strategy in Ukraine Igor Girkin announced on Saturday that he intends to run in the next year’s Russian presidential elections and urged his supporters to start collecting signatures for his candidacy. TASR informs about this according to the agency agency Reuters.

7:39 am More than 100 Russian doctors signed an open letter published on Saturday, in which they demand the immediate release of artist and criminal Sasa Skočilenkova. On Thursday, the Russian court sentenced them to seven terms in prison for expressing opposition to the war in Ukraine. TASR informs about this on the basis of agency agency AFP.

6:53 am Russia carried out intensive drone attacks on the Ukrainian metropolis of Kyiv for the second night in a row, the local military service reported on Sunday. Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense systems destroyed approximately ten drones of Shahid Iranian production, known as kamikaze drones, according to preliminary information. TASR writes according to Reuters agency.

6:38 am It is unlikely that there will be fundamental changes on the fronts, says the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. Neither Ukraine nor Russia have achieved significant progress on the battlefield, but as winter begins, “immediate views on big changes on the front are small”.

6:37 am The Ukrainian energy conglomerate DTEK reports that more than 3,800 households in 13 regions of Odesa region are without electricity, the company informed.

Finland has closed four food ports with Russia

Finland closed four food passages with Russia on Saturday. The reason for this is the increase in illegal migrants, which the ruské úrady početní prádět bez početních dokladov. TASR informs about this under the administration of DPA. The Finnish government announced the closure of the entrances already on Thursday. It concerns the entrances of Imatra, Niirala, Nuijamaa and Vaalimaa near Petrograd, which will be closed for three months. These four food passages lie in the south-east of Finland, but they are the most used food passages between the two countries. The railway access to Vainikkale remains open to the region.

Asylum seekers coming from Russia will now be able to apply at the Salla and Vartius border crossings in the north of the country. Helsinki accuses Moscow of deliberately allowing migrants to Finland, despite the fact that they no longer have the necessary travel documents. This week, they arrived in Finland every day with asylum seekers from countries such as Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria. At the same time, only a few suitable ones have come in the fall. On Friday, 163 asylum seekers who did not have documents were registered in southern Finland. This is a double increase compared to the entire previous week. Hovorkyňa ruského ministrava zahranných vécí has ​​previously criticized the closure of several entrances on the Russian-Finnish border. She called it “by expressing new issues in Europe that do not solve any problems, but only create new problematic issues,” said Maria Zacharovová on Thursday to denník Izvestija.

Russia introduced in the night, already reflected dronový aktačas Ukrajiny

“Systems of anti-aircraft defense thwarted an attempted drone attack on Moscow in the Bogorodská mestská chastá. As a result of falling debris, there were no damages or casualties,” wrote the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in the Telegram application. The Russian Ministry of Defense also claimed that the air defense destroyed the Ukrainian drone over the mentioned part of the city at approximately 01:00 local time (23:00 CET). According to the DPA, these claims could not be verified independently. The Ukrainian Air Force announced on Saturday that they had shot down 29 of 38 Shahid Iranian-made drones, known as kamikade drones.

They are equipped with explosives that ignite immediately after they reach their target. According to data from the Ukrainian Air Force, this is the highest number of drones launched by Russian forces during a night attack in Ukraine since September 30. Kyiv and Moscow use attack and reconnaissance drones very often in the war in Ukraine. The Russian media reported on Saturday that a Ukranian drone was shot down in the Briansk region near the border with Ukraine. Moscow started a war in Ukraine 20 months ago. Kyev resisted the help of military supplies from the West, but declared that he wanted to get back Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

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