Russia is preparing to defend the Northern Sea Route. 10,000 soldiers will participate in the naval exercise


The Russian Army is organizing a naval exercise with the participation of 10,000 soldiers in the Chukchi and Bering Seas in the North and Pacific Oceans, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. During the exercise podla neho ruské sily vypálili riadené strely Vulcan, Granit and Onyx na makety znázorňujúce nevýmské lode in the Bering Sea. This forms a natural border between Russia and Alaska, which is part of the USA.

The fired rockets traveled several hundreds of kilometers, the Russian Ministry reported according to TASS. In addition, the rockets already hit the targets successfully.

The aim of the extensive maneuvers of the Pacific flotilla is, according to Moscow, to train the protection of the so-called northern sea route leading along the Arctic coast of Russia. According to Reuters, Russia is trying to show that, despite the burden posed by the war in Ukraine, it continues to represent a force in the Far East and also in the Arctic regions.

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