At the biogas station in Senca, a tank cracked and a dangerous substance leaked

At the biogas station in Senca, a tank cracked and a dangerous substance leaked
At the biogas station in Senca, a tank cracked and a dangerous substance leaked

SENEC: At the biogas station on the way to Svätý Martin, the tank probably cracked, from which the liquid poured out. It is not yet clear the cause of the accident, nor what kind of liquid it is, informs the city of Senec on the social network.

The spill occurred near 28.5 km of the D1 highway in the section between Sencom and Blatným. For this reason, the traffic police will close the D1 highway, but both ways. The police urge drivers to avoid the given place and, if possible, to use an alternative route to the crossing.

The police on the social network further informed that it was a highly toxic chemical substance: “Shortly before 3:30 p.m., we received information on the 158 line about the damage to the bio gas station, which resulted in the leakage of a highly toxic chemical substance.”

The D1 highway is passable again after the release of the hazardous substance. Bratislavská krajská polícia informs about this on the social network.

The Presídium HaZZ of the Ministry of the Interior also gave a statement on the situation. “There were 17 HAZ members from Hasičského a ráftného útáru hlavneho mesta Slovenskej republiky Bratislavy, from the OR HAZ in Pezinok and from the Záchrannej brigada HAZ in Malacky, there are seven pieces of firefighting equipment,” informs hovorkyňa Bianka Královičová.

After arriving at the scene, the firemen discovered that the valve was already missing from the tank, through which an unknown substance was leaking. Přislušníci HaZZ aktuelle okrem obryvania uniknutej dangerousnej tákto still working on a complete stoppage of the leak. The firemen’s work is complicated by the pressure in the container, in which the unknown substance is located, which allows only a partial stoppage of the leak.

Bioplynová stanica has not been in operation for several years. Responding officers are currently working on the removal of approximately 500 m3 of leaked material.

The report was updated at 19:11.

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