MIMORIADNY ONLINE The first emergency hospital reached the Gaza Strip: Putin will also take part in the discussion about the war in Israel

MIMORIADNY ONLINE The first emergency hospital reached the Gaza Strip: Putin will also take part in the discussion about the war in Israel
MIMORIADNY ONLINE The first emergency hospital reached the Gaza Strip: Putin will also take part in the discussion about the war in Israel

Palestinians look at the badly damaged home of the Darwesh family, which was killed in the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip, in the Nusseirat refugee camp (Source: TASR/AP Photo/Adel Hana)

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Zábery with security cameras in the Shifa hospital

Zábery with security cameras at Shifa Hospital (Source: Twitter/Israel Defense Forces)


16:15 A hospital post sent to Jordan arrived in the Gaza Strip on Monday. Since the outbreak of the war between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, this is the first such shipment in this enclave, according to the AFP news agency.

16:08 On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate in an online summit of the BRICS group of developing countries, which will discuss the war between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This was reported by the Kremlin on Monday, to which the press agency AFP appealed.

14:17 Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed during a telephone conversation on Monday that it is necessary to prevent the further escalation of the war between Israel and Palestinian militants and prevent the humanitarian crisis from spreading in the Gaza Strip, the AFP agency reported with reference to the Chinese state media.

12:27 p.m The first group of prematurely born children was evacuated to Egypt today from a hospital in the Gaza Strip, reports Reuters with reference to Egyptian television. In Egypt, newborns will be under the care of doctors.

10:14 At least 70 people lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike near a hospital in the town of Chán Júnis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Dozens of patients, including young people and children, had to be treated during the week due to severe burns, the organization Lekári bez hraníc (MSF) announced with an appeal to its local colleagues. TASR took over administration on Monday from the agency DPA.

The flight was supposed to take place approximately one kilometer from the Násirovej nemocnice complex in Chán Júnise. The Israeli army has not published a statement regarding the attacks in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

9:40 a.m The Izraelská armádá today released the names of the other two Israeli soldiers who died on Sunday in the fighting in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of the ground operation, the number of fallen Israeli soldiers has risen to 65, reports The Times of Israel (ToI).

9:19 At least 12 patients and their loved ones died in an Israeli attack on an Indonesian hospital north of Gaza City, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Pásme Gaza said. Tvrdenia úradov dvladných militantným hnutim Hamas cannot be independently verified.

8:45 Estimated losses on the Russian side according to the Ukrainian armada.

7:10 The Israeli army has announced that it has already found a 55-meter-long tunnel in the basement of the Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip, which it believes was already used by the radical Hamas movement. According to the Israeli secret services, this proves that Hamas already had its military bases under the hospital, writes The Times of Israel (ToI) server. The Palestinian forces have long rejected this. Israeli soldiers found the tunnel at the hospital. According to the army’s announcement, “the tunnel is located approximately ten meters below the surface” but at its end there is an inverted door.

7:00 a.m The Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad wrote with an appeal to Hamas officials that this morning it will begin to pay a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip between this radical Palestinian movement and Israel. Izrael to ale vzápätí podla agentury DPA poprel. However, the Haaretz newspaper server wrote that the relatives of the abducted Israelis are already informed about the “significant progress” in the negotiations with Hamas.

6:48 am China is willing to cooperate “on restoration of peace in the Eastern East”declared on Monday the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang I. “humanitarian disaster” in Pásme Gazy. TASR took over the report from the AFP agency.

6:38 am The Jerusalem Post (JP) newspaper drew attention to information published in the Jordanian al-Ghad newspaper on Sunday, according to an unnamed source from Hamas, a five-day war in the Gaza Strip will begin on Monday at 11:00 a.m. local time. At the same time, Hamas had to release 50 hostages in exchange for 50 Palestinians imprisoned in Israel.

High-ranking representative of Hamas, Izzát ar-Rišk, however, on Monday, according to JP, denied the truth of the information. “There is nothing true about the information in the media that is attributed to a source with Hamas, if we are talking about the exchange that is going to start today,” introduced. A similar reaction was made by a nemenovaný vysokopostavený zdroj from Israel, who said that already “so far nothing like that exists”.

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