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Nevertheless, the “vyčíňanie” of Novak Djokovic at the Champions Tournament in Turin was in its own way stifling. The one who watched the dominant manner in which he faced Jannik Sinner in the final, who was playing in life form, was left speechless.

It was tennis poetry, but at the end of it – after the result 6:3, 6:3 – a record seventh title from the final event of the season.

By the way, goodbye record is starting to be an old cliché in Djokovic’s case, because this is a new historical record. As of Sunday, we can say that the Serbian great is not only the owner of the largest collection of Grand Slam titles (24), Masters wins (40), but also the eight-time world number one at the end of the year, something that has never been given to anyone.

There should be no shortage of these in his sports resume. For example, yesterday he started the 400th week of his career on the tennis throne. Taking into account the fact that Djokovic was competing with a strong generation of players, this number is quite abnormal.

But definitely not the end…

Smädný cannibal

He arrived in Turin in the position of unequivocal favorite. In the basic group, however, he reached the bottom of his forces. To proceed with her, he had to rely on the help of others. In the semi-final against Carlos Alcaraz and in the final, however, they played the famous Sinners. Súperom provedna left only ten gems.

Tennis analysts calculated on the basis of data that already on Saturday it was Djokovic’s fourth best tennis performance among all players this season. But even the best on Sunday. That’s how a champion belongs, best of all at the end.

Photo: Profimedia

Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic.

This is a kind of custom for the thirty-six-year-old Serb – the more he bets, the better he plays tennis. After all, it was always one of the pillars of Djokovic’s success. When you feel the possibility of winning another big trophy, it is unstoppable.

Five days ago, Talian Sinner overcame the Belgrader after three vyzhermpevavajúchí sets. However, on Sunday, Djokovic raised his tennis to a level to which the native of Bergamo was suddenly unable to respond. The Italian media saw him as a “smädného cannibal”.

Britský denník The Guardian, for the time being, tried to explain what was probably going on in Sinner’s head. “What can you, for God’s sake, do when the best returning player and the best defender of all time surpasses even in serving and winning úderoch?”

The answer is nasledovaná: Talian couldn’t do anything on Sunday. Djokovic lost only two points on his own serve in the first set, but his game from the baseline looked like a video game.

“Sinner was a baby that the champion forced to move around the court at will,” wrote the Serbian portal Sportklub.

Djokovic’s údery is so perfect, already in one moment he won four points in the rade, but among the journalists in the Turin hall, he almost successfully started to play the joke: pour the kurt, let us know if this man can walk on water.

The goal is the golden slam

In tomto bode jeho karierary, almost every triumph comes with another new record. This time, the Serb came away from Roger Federer with his seventh title from the Tournament of Champions. With 98 tournament wins, surpassed only by Jimmy Connors (109) and Federer (103) in men’s doubles, he too is slowly making his way to the club of hundreds.

Photo: ČTK / imago sportfotodienst / Chryslene Caillaud / Panoramic

Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic during training before the ATP Finals. In the background is his trainer Goran Ivaniševič.

After the ceremony, journalists also asked about his other goals – for example, Connors’ goal number 109. The question was perhaps a little funny, since this is perhaps the last of the great records that Djokovic still does not own.

He didn’t hesitate to answer. Of course, he already goes after him. Come to Monte Carlo, to have three triumphs from all the Masters in my collection.

After the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the US Open and the Olympics – aby mohol mahat v buducej sezonja aj golden slam. „I always have the highest ambitions and goals. It won’t be any different in the future either,” he promises.

During the current situation, he often announced that the biggest tournaments were his priority. Étos, which faithfully adhered to. In the 2023 season, he won four of the five biggest titles – in Melbourne, in Paris, in New York and the ATP final in Turin – maybe just one unintended error, but Alcaraz’s inspiring performance on the grass in London prevented him from doing it all.

“It was one of the best seasons I’ve experienced in my life. Crowning them with a victory against the home favorite, who played amazing tennis this week, is phenomenal,” announced Djokovic on Sunday in Northern Italy.

Ročník finished with a balance of 55 wins and only six losses. One would say, he is already doing this easily. “But it’s not like that. It’s not easy. It’s not easy,” said his coach Goran Ivanišević after the final.

What about the pension?

It is not easy even for the generation of tennis players, which has been talked about for years, is already “performing”. Perhaps his biggest problem is that even when he is improving, he is making meaningful moves, so is Djokovic, even though he is already 36 years old.

His determination to work on his craft but be constantly better – even after all that he has already achieved – is unfathomable to many.

“How far would I have to pass, ak aj odnaše vyhrávam tieto tárnye?” When my opponents start to destroy me, I’m considering leaving,” sokom sent a message.

The season is over. The Australian Open starts in two months. Guess who will destroy whom for themselves…

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