The best horrors that take place during the day.


Darkness helps horror films create a more menacing atmosphere. However, there are amazing horror stories that take place on sunny days.

Darkness helps horror films create a more menacing atmosphere. However, there are amazing horror stories that take place on sunny days. Nepotrebjuju ukryť príšeru v tme. I can convince the viewer that evil can hide behind every corner, but it’s different than the so-called jumpscars, when a demon or a devil jumps out of the darkness.


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1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Texaský masaker motorovou pílou) – 1974, 1 ha 23 minutes, director: Tobe Hooper

Where to watch the movie: HBO Max

The Texas motor pílou massacre was one of the first legendary “slashers”, where the audience often cheered for the villain, even though it was a mentally disturbed serial killer. In this film, he is Leatherface, a man who puts the skin of his prospects on his face and kills them with a motor pílou.

Watching the daughter of a group of teenagers who don’t understand how such evil can work during the day but in plain sight, shocked the audience. Leatherface didn’t spare his prospects, but he didn’t care if they were suffering. He wanted to kill, but he did so, but it didn’t stop him if his victims were running for their lives in a moment before their death, and they were begging for their lives as he slashed at their bodies with a saw.

2. Midsommar (Slnovrat) – 2019, 2 ha 28 minutes, director: Ari Aster

Where can I watch the movie: I can buy it online

Ari Aster has ambitions to make more and more wonderful, complex and ambitious films. After the psycho film Beau is Afraid, many viewers said that Midsommar was still quite scary for viewers.

The film followed the main character Dani (Florence Pugh), who could not cope with multiple deaths and suicides in her family. It broke her heart and destroyed her relationship. He wants to give everything one more chance, but so he goes with his friends to Sweden, where he meets a community of people celebrating the solstice.


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During this period, there is no night at all, and the characters have trouble determining whether they are suffering from insomnia, lack of sleep, hallucinations, or something truly terrifying is happening here. Midsommar is a film where the viewer can fall into deep thoughts about depression, life, relationships and demons that they hide in themselves.

3. It Follows (Neutečieš) – 2015, 1 ha 40 minutes, director: David Robert Mitchell

Where to watch the film: €4 on Apple TV

In the film It Follows, viewers watched young men who were having sex with someone else. For a while I was chased by an unknown entity. It was impossible to hide from her, she had to run away, as she was a bit slow. As long as a person did not get rid of it, he could not sleep or live a normal life, but he constantly had to move.

The main character of the picture ran for a long time before the finale, until she gave up and transferred it to someone else. She was constantly under stress. The curse took on different forms, but a man was never the same, whether the slow man who approached him was a curse or just someone around him.

It Follows was an original horror film, whose quality is based on an excellent but unpleasant atmosphere, especially during the day. Príšera was hidden in plain sight. Tvorcovia len recently announced that they are already working on the sequel, which we will probably see in 2025.

4. Jaws (Jaws) – 1975, 2 ha 2 minuty, director: Steven Spielberg

Where to watch the movie: Netflix

The multitude of contemporary viewers already over the choice to zaradi Čeľuste medzi horory len mávne roku. Who knows how many of these viewers actually saw Cheľuste in real life. Steven Spielberg made an immortal classic that made the entire planet uncomfortable to stay at the beach or the sea forever.


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In his film, he portrayed a large shark that devoured a man on a sunny day near the beach. Followed by the hunt of several brave people who wanted to take revenge, but especially to prevent other such misfortunes. By the quality of the film, Spielberg proves his genius, since he shot the film with a broken, robotic shark, but it evokes absolute terror on the screen (and nowadays also on the screen).

Spielberg was able to create a sense of horror just by taking pictures of the dead sea, because there was a chance that a bloodthirsty shark would appear at any moment. Since the film took place most of the time at sea but in the water, the audience was shocked almost constantly. Jaws got a lot of sequels, but without Spielberg in the director’s chair, it wasn’t the same.

5. Hills Have Eyes – 1977, director: Wes Craven, 2006, director: Alexandra Aja

Where to watch the film: €4 on Youtube

It doesn’t matter which version the viewer watches. Whether the original by Wes Craven (directed by Vreskot) or the remake by Aju, these are great horror movies. Due to its originality and shock, it is probably more interesting to see the original, but the remake has bloodier and disgusting scenes.

Both films have the same story. A family on the road from California ends up stranded in the desert after what a car shows them. However, this is not their biggest problem. They quickly find that they are already surrounded by a family of mutated cannibals who will stop at nothing to cut them into small pieces.

Hory maj oči is a popular series that has steadily improved in quality. In the second part, for example, there is an unpleasant scene depicting rape.

Other great horrors that are playing cez deň: Vtáky od Hitchcock, A Quiet Place, Wicker Man (original, not a remake with Nicolas Cage), Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, It, The Village.

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