A human skull was found near the railway track

A human skull was found near the railway track
A human skull was found near the railway track

BRATISLAVA / In the meantime, they found a human skull when they were investigating an illegal dump. It is a place where drug addicts hang out. Šokujúci náduz vyplašil velejnoprospěšných services workers in Bratislava.

At the railway track in the township of Ružinov, waste has been piling up for a long time, in which even the homeless lived. But during the day they found a human skull there.

The area under the diaľničným bridge has been troubling the residents of Bratislavy for a long time. Drug addicts and associates from the area moved there. The space on both sides of the koľajníc was zaprataný róžnym odpadom, which we applied. In kríkoch they built the shelters in which they stayed. That’s why the representatives of the city decided to clean up the space. Despite this, there are already many more in the area, such a find was not expected.

“Ružinov came across a remarkable phenomenon during the standard maintenance of his premises, it was probably a human skull,” introduced by the vice-mayor of Ružinov Martin Patoprstý.

From the beginning, the municipal police assisted the city office workers. After a while, other police teams joined them and stayed on the spot for several hours. “They will determine whether it is really a human skull, but if it is, that’s how the investigation will be started,” says Patoprstý.

According to information from TV JOJ, it looks like this, even though I didn’t have to pay for the rejected prospects. This information was also confirmed by the representative of the city council, who was on site at the time of the discovery.

“Tá lebka actually had a small cut off tú vrchnú part, rather it appeared as if it had been cut off by a surgical procedure. Probably, from my layman’s point of view, it could have been some kind of skull from pathology or some kind of student autopsy or a similar act, so it does not have to be a criminal activity, “ says Patoprstý.

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