The “richest” companies in Slovakia. This is the current top twelve


Entrepreneurial success is possible to evaluate the high profit, sales, added value of the company or the satisfaction of the employees. This time, Forbes looked at the largest companies in Slovakia from the perspective of their assets.

Here is a list of twelve companies with assets in billions of euros. Data from annual management firms nám poskytol portál

1. Slovenské elektrárne – assets of 13.44 billion euros

The largest producer of electricity in the country is also a significant player from the perspective of the region of Central and Eastern Europe – for example, last year Slovenia exported electricity for 2.3 billion euros. The firm’s assets are mainly in real estate, so they are of strategic importance to the state – the firm owns and operates two nuclear, two thermal, two photovoltaic power plants and 31 water power plants.

Akciovú spoločnosť currently owns Energetický a průmyslový holding of Czech Daniel Křetínského and Patrik Tkáča and Italian Enel, Slovenská republika has a tretinový share in the company. In the same sense, however, the Italian bank Unicredit, which has a lien on the property of Slovenských elektrární worth five billion euros, can also be described as the owner.

That’s why it should be emphasized here that even with this ranking we are starting with high assets, which does not mean that the companies – for example Slovenské elektrárne – are really rich.

The company originally guaranteed huge assets to the London-based banking consortium Glas Trust Corporation, in April of this year – after five years – the Milan financial institution took over financing and collateral.

The energy giant spent 4.97 billion euros last year and in the last ten years achieved an average profit of 63.5 million euros per year.

Jadrová elektráreň Mochovce. Photo: Slovenské elektrárne

2. Národná diaľničná spoločnosť – assets of 10.56 billion euros

The state-owned joint stock company, which has been responsible for the development of the road network since 2005. When it was created, it acquired property from the state in the form of a road network, which it has to maintain and expand. The majority of miliardových aktiv firms are formed by highways, highways and roads with a total length of 850 kilometers.

Another 90 kilometers are in various stages of construction and preparation. In addition to roads, it also manages tunnels, bridges, engineering networks and land under roads. One-percent aksionárom Národnej diaľničnej štětní je štát, aktionárske práva executivám státňa dobrástmo.

Last year, the company reported sales of 322 million euros and in the last decade achieved an average profit of 25.2 million euros per year.

Last works on the R4 section in Prešov. Photo: NDS archive

3. Slovenský plynárenský priemysel – assets of 6.52 billion euros

Plynárenský gigant covers roughly two-thirds of the Slovenian gas market and is the largest energy supplier in Slovakia. Fortunately, it is also responsible for the supply of electricity from Slovenské elektrární.

The company with almost 1.5 million customers is also active in the Czech Republic, but after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, it expanded its business activities to Europe and the world. It is dedicated to the provision of energy services, smart solutions, the development of alternative transport and the development of the production and supply of renewable energy.

Obrovské aktivá firmy restájú mainly in gas supplies, valuable papers and shares in daughter firms. Vlastníctvo plynárenskej infrastrukturaty na Slovensku is in the hands of the companies Eustream, SPP distribúcia, Pozagas a Nafta, in which SPP owns shares through its subsidiary SPP Infrastructure.

Roughly 2.7 billion euros is reported by SPP as short-term loans, such as loans with derivative operations, since it is also a stock exchange trader.

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Plynárenský gigant belongs to the state since 2014. In 2001, the state handed over 49 percent of the shares to companies Ruhrgas and Gaz de France, which were bought in 2013 by Energetický a průmyslový holding of Daniel Křetínského and Patrik Tkáč.

About a year later, the company was bought by the Slovenská republika. Akcionárske práva is exercised through the Ministry of Economy.

Last year, the company reported sales of 3.96 billion euros, and in the last ten years, it achieved an average profit of 282.6 million euros per year.

Zábery zo Zázáníckeho centra SPP z bratislavského Auparku. Photo: Archiv SPP

4. eustream – assets of 4.6 billion euros

For a long time, the most profitable company in Slovakia has under its thumb the pipeline conversion of natural gas through the territory of Slovakia. He directly owns the pipelines and compressor stations, but he is the manager of the gas infrastructure, but he takes care of the renovation and maintenance of the network.

The assets of the company, which is characterized as the gas crossroads of Central Europe, consist of buildings, buildings, machines and technological equipment, which are owned either by eustream itself or indirectly by the parent company SPP Infrastructure.

It is the one-percent owner of the eustream company and owns the majority of it through SPP. The remaining 49 percent Energetický a průmyslový holding of Daniel Křetínského and Patrik Tkáč.

Last year, the company reported sales of 567 million euros and in the last decade achieved an average profit of 332.4 million euros per year.

Gas pipeline compressor station in Veľkých Kapušany. Photo: TASR

5. SPP – distribution – assets of 4.52 billion euros

While eustream transports gas through the territory of Slovakia from north to south and east to west, or vice versa, SPP – distribúcia ensures the distribution of gas to selected cities in Slovakia.

The company is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the gas network, which is approximately 33,000 kilometers long. Through this network, it distributes approximately 98 percent of the volume of natural gas in the Republic of Slovenia to nearly 1.5 million customers.

SPP Infrastructure is the 100% owner of the company, in which Slovensko cez Slovenský plynárenský priemysel holds 51 percent. Energetický a průmyslový holding Daniel Křetínského and Patrik Tkáč have managerial control.

Last year, the company reported sales of 398 million euros, and in the last ten years, it achieved an average profit of 115.4 million euros per year.

Illustrative photo: FB SPP – distribution

6. Železnice Slovenskej republiky – assets of 3.97 billion euros

Another state-owned enterprise that has an extensive strategic infrastructure under its thumb. The Railways of the Slovenskej republiky are, according to the law, operators of the railway track in the territory of Slovenia. The company is responsible for national and regional railways, organizes their transport and ensures the maintenance and modernization of railway tracks, stations, bridges, tunnels and crossings.

ŽSR currently takes care of the maintenance and development of more than 3,600 kilometers of tracks, 2,300 bridges and 78 tunnels with a total length of 48 kilometers. The railways also own 4,725 buildings, including over three hundred railway stations – on an area of ​​137 hectares. Stavby a pozemky maju aktuelle kontaktnú vydť 2.9 billion, more than half a billion euros are made up of procured infrastructure projects.

Last year, the company reported sales of 191 million euros, and in the last decade it achieved an average loss 3.96 million euros per year.

Tatranská polyanka railway station. Photo: TASR

7. Slovnaft – assets of 3.89 billion euros

The only refinery in Slovakia and one of the three most modern refineries in Europe is located in Bratislava. It arose from a state enterprise created by the Czechoslovak government after the Second World War on the ruins of the bombed Apollo.

Since 1996, the company has been gradually privatized by Slavomíra Hatinu’s Slovintegra company, since 2000, its shares have been gradually acquired by the majarský energetický podnik MOL. He is now a one-percent owner of the refinery.

Slovnaft owns construction and technological facilities for 1.2 billion euros, loans to affiliated companies worth 1.2 billion euros and supplies worth 360 million euros. For the last term, the company paid a record tax in history – 628 million euros.

Last year, the company reported sales of 6.02 billion euros, and in the last ten years, it achieved an average profit of 113.8 million euros per year.

Polypropylénová unit at the Slovnaft refinery in Bratislava. Photo: TASR/Jaroslav Novák

8. Volkswagen Slovakia – assets of 3.14 billion euros

The first and largest foreign car company that brought Slovenia to the Detroit road of Eastern Europe. During its 25 years of existence, the company produced more than seven million vehicles, and for a long time it achieved the highest sales of all companies in the country.

The company’s assets are mainly in buildings and production technologies for approximately 1.3 billion euros, of which 1.1 billion is recorded as receivables and almost half a billion as supplies.

Last year, the company reported sales of 9.73 billion euros, and in the last decade, it achieved an average profit of 185.6 million euros per year.

Volkswagen Slovakia. Photo: SITA/AP

9. Kia Slovakia – assets of 3.09 billion euros

Žilinský závod juhokórejskej automobilky Kia is another purely private company in the list of the richest companies in Slovakia. The factory with manual production of approximately 300,000 cars is celebrating its twentieth anniversary next year.

Assets worth almost 600 million euros are accounted for in the category of investments in production technologies, 1.8 billion euros as debts from business relationships or related companies. Roughly a quarter of a billion euros last year, the company gave out a dotáciu ako daňovou příftávku.

Last year, the company achieved sales of 6.76 billion euros, and in the last ten years, it produced an average profit of 221 million euros per year.

Plant near Žilina. Photo: Kia Slovakia archive

10. US Steel Košice – assets of 2.99 billion euros

The largest enterprise in eastern Slovakia belongs to the portfolio of the American steel group US Steel. Železiarne was built in the 1960s by the socialist regime, after the fall of the regime, the Slovenian privatized companies led by Alexander Rezeš and later in 2000 the US Steel Corporation.

The metallurgical firm’s assets consist of buildings and technological facilities, such as high-temperature furnaces, on which the company is currently looking for money in exchange for electric ones. Vyše half a billion podnik eviduje v dlhopisoch a jeden a half billion eur aktiv má v zábách a táka nepredaných výrobkoch.

Last year, the company reported sales of 4.02 billion euros and in the last decade achieved an average profit of 140 million euros per year.

Továreň na východe krajina. Photo: archive of US Steel Košice

11. Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnost – assets of 1.94 billion euros

When talking about the huge price for the construction of nuclear power plants, one should not forget about their dismantling. In Slovakia, Javys is responsible for the production of reactors.

Aktualne vyraďuje two oldest nuclear power plants A1 and V1 in Jaslovské Bohunice, which were built in the 60s and 70s of the last century. The cost of V1 production, which should be completed in 2025, is estimated at more than 1.2 billion euros.

Javys is also responsible for the disposal of radioactive waste and vyhoretého čádrého paliva. The company’s assets consist mainly of receivables in the amount of 1.3 billion euros.

Last year, the company reported sales of 29 million euros, and in the last ten years, it achieved an average profit of 7.8 million euros per year.

Atómová elektráreň in Jaslovské Bohunice. Photo: archive of Slovenských elektrární

12. Slovak Telekom – assets of 1.66 billion euros

The largest Slovenian provider of landline, Internet and digital television services on IP platforms. The one-percent owner of the company is Deutsche Telekom from the multinational Deutsche Telekom Group.

The largest item in the company’s assets is represented by technological equipment worth almost 600 million euros, about a third of a billion euros according to the company’s accounts, in short-term receivables.

Last year, the company reported sales of 750 million euros and in the last decade achieved an average profit of 89.2 million euros per year.

Slovak Telekom is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom Group. Photo: Slovak Telekom

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