Snowfall is coming. Beware of slippery roads! It will also snow in the lowlands

Snowfall is coming. Beware of slippery roads! It will also snow in the lowlands
Snowfall is coming. Beware of slippery roads! It will also snow in the lowlands

After a cold weekend, which brought snow to the northern regions of Slovenia and to our mountains, a large frontal system’s precipitation field is approaching over our territory.

The frontal system is currently bringing precipitation over the territory of the Czech Republic and over Austria, and in the coming days these precipitations will move through our territory towards the east.

Very dangerous hours are ahead of us. After a cold night, the roads are slippery, but the snow that approaches us definitely does not make the situation better, on the contrary. If you don’t have to, stay home at least until noon. Then the weather gets better.

Snowfall will also reach the lowlands

In a little while, the first snowflakes will start to fall in Záhorí and gradually in western Slovakia. However, it will not be so obvious in the west if it is snowing. It is currently cold in Záhorí, which is good news, but in Bratislava and the Danubian Lowlands, the temperature is above freezing, which is reflected in the communities.

It will definitely snow in the Little Karpathos and on Záhorí. Snowflakes could be posted in Bratislava, but they will be mixed with rain. Wait for snowfall only in higher areas such as Lamač or Koliba.

The difference between snow and rain will be at the junction Trnava-Nitra. It will mostly rain west of this imaginary border, but it will snow in the east.

Warming behind the front

Snowfall is expected for practically the whole of central Slovenia and the eastern part of western Slovenia. Due to negative temperatures, a snow cover can also form, but it will not last long.

Count on that, already in the morning, warm air will start to push behind the front, and the snow will change to snow up to a height of approximately 400 meters. Snowfall like this will matter for a few hours.

In the eastern regions, it will be cold weather and a wave of snow will arrive here in the afternoon, but similar to those in the western regions, the precipitation will gradually change to cold.

You can see in which areas of Slovenia it will snow and where the snow cover will be created on the folders HERE >>>

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