Fico: Slovenia continues to prepare a power plant with the Czech Republic

Fico: Slovenia continues to prepare a power plant with the Czech Republic
Fico: Slovenia continues to prepare a power plant with the Czech Republic

Minister Saková presented priorities to the Ministry of Economy.

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Slovenia continues to cooperate with the Czech Republic on preparations for the construction of a new large nuclear power plant in western Slovakia. The alternative of using small modular reactors is also being considered. Vyplýva to zo čvertkového (6. 11.) the statement of Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD).

“There is an option to continue the construction of the new large block or the second option is to continue with the so-called small reactors. “We are still paying the schedule of work in cooperation with the Czech Republic, where we are preparing the construction of the next block of the nuclear power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

The project of a new nuclear power plant in Slovakia is being prepared by the semi-public company Jadrová energetická spoločnost Slovenska (JESS), in which the Czech energy group ČEZ has a 49-percent stake.

Priority to the Ministry of Economy

The main priority of the Ministry of Economy will be ensuring the affordability and stability of all other energy for households, business and the public sector. The main task of MH will also be attracting new foreign investors and supporting those domestic ones. Minister of Economy Denisa Saková (Hlas-SD) informed about this at a press conference with the Prime Minister.

“This was one of the pre-election promises that the Hlas-SD party made to the population, that in the event of any energy crisis that awaits us, people will be taken care of but they will try to mitigate the negative effects of the energy crisis. We also wanted to ensure a strong hand of the state in energy policy and critical infrastructure companies. It is my priority to secure this,” said Saková.

The minister wants closer coordination with other departments

At the same time, the minister mentioned that she will try to establish closer coordination with the Ministry of Education, the business sector, and the higher territorial units that are responsible for secondary schools. A to preto, aby z nich vychádali students preparatní pre actuelle potreby trhu práce. She added that one of her priorities will be the stabilization of the business environment.

Fico completed, and already expects, the fourth block of the Mochovce nuclear power plant to be able to start up at full capacity by 2025. “This will already be Slovenia with a clear pro-export oriented landscape from the point of view of electrical energy,” he added.

Fico also informed that he had already entrusted his team of advisers to start working on a new legislative framework that would shorten the time frame for companies to hire labor from abroad if the companies could not find them on the domestic market. “However, the priority must be to find work and find a workforce in Slovakia, even at that price, we will push for self-governing places,” he added. Tie by podla neho mali sredné školsto to adapt to the needs of the business sector.

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