In the decisive moment, Pellegrini held Blaha, apparently admitting his mistake. If this is true?


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Last week, the head of Hlas, Peter Pellegrini, harshly criticized the deputy speaker of the parliament, Ľuboš Blaha, who hung a portrait of the radical revolutionary Che Guevara in his office.

He described his actions as “embarrassing” and “schizophrenic”, but in the end he decided to support him. According to him, Blaha admitted his mistake, in fact the Smer Verejna MP did nothing of the sort.

Ľuboša Blahu by dnes mali odvolávát in Národnej rade. The signatures on the call to the extraordinary meeting were drawn by the opposition KDH. “We don’t want a mass murderer to be associated with the National Rada,” said KDH MP Jozef Hajko.

However, the Speaker of the Parliament already confirmed on Sunday in the Markíza Na telo television talk show that the coalition will support Blahu but will not withdraw. “The meeting will be called but the program of the meeting will not be approved,” stated Pellegrini, according to which Blaha admitted his mistake.

The Vice President of the National Council is said to have regretted his actions, Pellegrini informed last week after meeting with President Zuzana Čaputová. “I’m glad, he already made it known to me, but he doesn’t consider his rank to be the happiest,” said the head of the National Council.

Blaha: It was a “breakthrough”

However, on the social network Telegram, where he communicates with his constituents, Blaha did not admit any mistake.

It was written by a lazy person, it was already a “breakthrough”. “It is important to me that there are no unnecessary frictions in the coalition, but that’s why I wrote him (Pellegrini, late editor) a message yesterday evening, I’m sorry, even with such a mess as the decoration of my office, such a bizarre political case arose . I didn’t really care about that,” Blaha informed his fans last week. He called his act “drobnou jesennou provokáciou”.

Kresťanskí demokrati tieto Blahove slová nevnímajú ako „priznanie si kykys”. “We don’t know about any of his justifications. It would be best if he made a video again, where he would justify himself, but then publish it on the social network. But he didn’t do anything like that,” responds KDH MP František Majerský.

Blaha not only did not confess to anything, he even began to threaten the National Memory Institute (ÚPN), where the historian Patrik Dubovský works, who filed a criminal complaint against him in Che Guevara’s face.

Historian thinks that a Smer deputy with a public portrait in the vice president’s office could have committed the crime of extremism. “I reject obtuse anti-communism but I express serious concern over the politization of the Ústavu memuri národa.” We will have to take a closer look at this institution,” threatened Blaha at the end of the entire ÚPN.

Disputes with Pellegrini

Although Hlas wants to support Blah in the parliaments, Pellegrini, even last week, took a stand against Blah’s behavior. “This is what kind of example is it? If the president doesn’t apologize to elementary school students, will they hang from the walls? Or when something bothers someone, does he make such a gesture? Trápne, detinské a zbytočné,” he said.

He also recommended to Blaho to justify himself or at least confess to the believers, to make up for the mistake. “This government coalition and all of Slovenia is dependent on it, but it needs 16 or 15 billion from EU funds. (…) On one side, to want all the advantages and on the other side to remove the flag, that is schizophrenic,” he added.

Pellegrini already had disputes with Blah in the past, when he was still prime minister. In May 2019, the religious Blahu prepared for his statements to the EÚ address. At that time, Blaha was the head of the Committee on European Affairs.

“He should hold on to these statements.” If we declare that there is no other space for the existence of Slovenia, it is already our life space, so that the president of the European Committee would express himself in such a way to address the EU as such, this is something that I, as the president of the government, cannot agree with, regardless of whether this is an article of our party,” declared Pellegrini at the time. Blaha sent him a message, he is already reading it carefully.

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