Where do you wear your rings? Each finger has its own meaning. See what style says about you

Where do you wear your rings? Each finger has its own meaning. See what style says about you
Where do you wear your rings? Each finger has its own meaning. See what style says about you

Before our ancestors, jewelry on the hands was something like a citizen’s ID card. It was possible to find out from them whether the person in question has a job, what is his occupation, or what social class he belongs to.

The right hand was always associated with the material life of its owner, the left hand, on the other hand, with the expression of his soul (or heart) – representing his thoughts, hopes, desires… But that’s not all. At the same time, each finger on the hand had its own meaning and was often associated with some important planet.

So before you put on a ring, import where you put it. It will affect your baking.

Thumb: symbol of wealth

It used to be said that the thicker and straighter the thumb, the better the character. If someone had a wrong thumb, the environment would consider him a sly person. Všeočene čečné přeň na palci nosievali ľudý majetní a autoritátívni člání mali v šommení vívidné postavlání. The thickest finger on the hand was also associated with friendship, because it was part of some gestures (for example, thumbs up.

The commander reports to the leader

This finger is under the influence of the planet Jupiter, which brings with it power, natural authority and the ability to lead people. It’s no wonder that men wore rings (main family, brother’s or silver rings) on their index fingers. Výrazný second finger at the same time pointed to zručnošť a učeným sklony.

The mediator maintains the balance

Among their súkmeňovci they collide to a height ako rozhládňa. It is connected to the planet Saturn, which encourages a person to be more balanced and responsible. But the most important thing about it is that due to its position in the middle of other fingers, it is ideal for wearing rings, even engagement rings. The circle on it does not interfere with work.

The ring shows the heart

The fourth finger is associated with the Moon, creativity, beauty and especially romantic relationships. that’s why it was most important for women. Our grandmothers wore wedding and sometimes engagement rings made of moon metal, that is, silver, on their rings. A small ornament in the form of a fine pebble or pattern was recommended on some.

Malíček takes the side of the artists

The ring on the little finger looks provocative, but unlike the other fingers, it is not connected to any specific cultural or religious theme. Preto ho tak milujú slobodomískenní individuals and artists. Planet Mercury lends them sparkling intelligence, charisma and the ability to always go their own way.

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