The influencer who wears Bartalos shoes will be published

The influencer who wears Bartalos shoes will be published
The influencer who wears Bartalos shoes will be published

Obrovské surprise! The well-known fitness influencer Andrea Štěchová, who appears on social networks under the name Andy Štěch, will publish. Just a few minutes ago, she showed off a beautiful romantic video on Instagram, in which her boyfriend asked her to marry him.

It was not so long ago that the case of former actress Mária Bartalos caught the attention of Slovenians. After ending her acting career on Instagram, she decided to become a motivator for life with God. Then it was discovered that he already recognizes the supposedly “dubious” community called Miloště, which has been trying unsuccessfully to reach the church for a few years now.

In the midst of the huge avalanche of criticism that fell on Mário, the singer Vierka Berkyová, who is also a member of this Christian community, tried to support them. Later, the well-known athlete and fitness influencer Andrea Štěchová joined him, who this year won the prestigious SOWA award in the sport and health category.

A few days ago, even a friend and I talked about the strict rules of the viery, which could be derived from this community. They want to remain celibate until the wedding. This means, already with milovaním čakajú, až kim buduje mať after the wedding. But it seems that this is already approaching, because Max asked Andy to marry him.

A famous influencer will be published

A few minutes ago, the well-known influencer published a touching video on her Instagram in which she appeared in front of her a friend with a ring in his hands knocked. In the background stood 4 girls holding a billboard with an inscription “Will you marry me?”. In fact, Andy Max asked that in the moments when you were kneeling on the ground.

“AI said yes. Besties for life Andrea wrote under the romantic video, which translates as: “I said yes. The most beautiful friends for a lifetime.” She added the following to the video in English: “When your best friend leaves, you want to be your best friend forever.”

Almost immediately, comments with congratulations were published under the video, not only from Andy fans, but also from well-known faces of our show business. We join in our hearty congratulations.

Source: Instagram/andy.stech

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