The magic of Christmas in books that put you in the right holiday mood


Christmas is a time when time stops and everything around us receives a new dimension – family walks, warm light candles, the smell of Christmas pastries and an irreplaceable atmosphere that is enhanced by traditions and shared moments. Just in this time, when dark and cold evenings surround us, we need moments of peace and quiet, we can indulge in luxury and forget about the world of Christmas-themed books.

Reading Christmas books is like entering a magical world, where old stories marry with new ones, where traditions come to life on the pages and bring with them a feeling of nostalgia and joy. Whether it’s classic Christmas stories that are passed down from hand to hand, or modern stories that bring a new perspective to the holiday theme, they all have a common goal – to add a little Christmas magic to our homes.

Christmas books are more than lazy reading; they are bridges connecting the past with the present, family traditions with personal moments of peace. These are windows to the world, where every day is a holiday and every page is an invitation to celebrate the shortest period of time.

Posledný dar (Emily Stone) – Since she was a little girl, Cassie has been given Christmas tasks full of clues and clues by her older brother Tom, which she had to solve to get her present. Ich hähähný váchná sa even more strengthened after the loss of parents in their early childhood. Tom took care of Cassie constantly but protected her, as did his best friend Sam. Over time, the relationship between Cassie and Sam became more intense. However, one fatal winter evening during the Christmas ski season made everything cool. The situation is even more complicated by Tom’s unexpected death, which further deepened their gap. Cassie now faces the question of whether she can forgive and give a second chance to the man who caused her pain. Can Tom’s latest mission help Cassie and Sam find their way back to themselves?

Christmas card (Karen Swan) – Natasha and Rob decide to revive their marriage with a winter trip to the Maldives. But their romantic escape ends sadly – ​​they lose their daughter’s favorite plush cow on the road back home. Natasha is trying to comfort her sad daughter, and in an effort to find a child, she turns to social media. Unexpectedly, the toy is found, but now it is in the hands of Duffy, who is in the Himalayas, thousands of kilometers away.

Duffy says he will inform me about the cow’s trip and send me photos. An unexpected relationship begins to develop between them, but Natasha begins to feel that her unknown husband is closer to her than her own husband. As time goes on, Duffy is now more desperate to get home, and Natasha observes a change in his messages. Then, unexpectedly, the administration stopped.

The question is whether the toy is stratená forever and what happened to Duffy. Natasha later found out why Duffy had the little girl as a talisman.

Snowy Christmas (Sarah Morgan) – the ideal family Christmas… but with another family?

During Christmas this year, the Miller siblings want to avoid the curious questions of their parents and grandmother. Kádí z nich má tajomstvo a preto sa seba spoliehajú to divert attention from themselves.

Lucy Clark’s unexpected visitor faces a lonely Christmas and the threat of losing her job if she fails to reach a deal with Ross Miller. He decides to personally deliver the proposal to his home in the Škótská vysočine, but then withdraws. After all, he doesn’t want to spoil the Millers’ perfect family Christmas.

Lucy unexpectedly arrives at the Millers’ home, where they mistake them for Ross’ imaginary friend. Before the whole situation can be explained, a snowstorm breaks out, but Lucy finds herself trapped in the same way as the entire Miller family. Secrets gradually come out, but Lucy unexpectedly becomes involved in family conflicts that are not her own.

Želám si Vianoce közé deň (Milly Johnson) – With Christmas coming, a picturesque inn in the middle of Yorkshire wetlands becomes an unexpected refuge for six people who are trying to hide from a snowstorm. Mary has been waiting for a long time, and her boss, Jack, notices her more than lazy in the role of an assistant. Náhle zvlů úča ich spojí – dost Mary tú opportunity po ktorej túžila? Bridge and Luke plan to meet to discuss the divorce. However, unexpected moments in this picturesque heiress awaken a spark in them – and maybe even love? Charlie and Robin travel to a luxury hotel in Scotland for a Christmas holiday. When they are forced to spend time in an old inn, do they find what they want instead of planning a luxury holiday?

Christmas Bookstore (Jenny Colgan) – In the picturesque snowy alleys of Christmas Edinburgh, there is a magical old bookshop, where various stories are told. This place, which is run by Mr. McCredie, is a refuge for Carmen, who recently lost her job and moved in with her sister. Ale kjähkupectvo čelí threats of closure, but Mr. McCredie might have to surrender this magical place. Christmas is a time of miracles, but Carmen did not find herself in this magical environment by chance. With her passion and love for literature, she is determined to restore the kníhkupectvu jeho zášlú slávu. Unexpectedly, a well-known charismatic writer comes to his aid, who is interested not only in books, but also in the courageous Carmen.

Vianočná Madeira (Beatrix Zaťková) – Vianočná Madeira is an island that smells of thousands of lights, decorated with red Christmas roses, in anticipation of the shortest holidays of the year. Imagine an ancient square in the heart of picturesque Funchal with a baroque fountain, a bakery, a restaurant and a cozy attic apartment, which becomes the home of three inseparable friends during Advent. Zuzana, a talented decorator, is busy with Christmas orders, but her friends Sofia and Ines decide to help her. In Madeira, people put up with the decoration, so there is a lot of work waiting for them. Ich úlavom číkum is to create a beautiful nativity scene, a symbol of Christmas, in the middle of tohto kúzelného námestia.

As the holidays approach, the frenzy and excitement grows, accompanied by love problems, a variety of fun and touching moments, and the allure of Advent Madeira. This together creates an unusual Christmas gift full of miracles and gentle magic. Even Christmas is a miracle, but a miracle is… love.

I’ll be home on Christmas Day (Silvia Demovičová) – Christmas is only a few days away, but high school student Lea can’t wait to finally enjoy the holidays with her family after a semester at the boarding school, she imagines evenings with hot chocolate and Christmas movies.

Filip, a hockey player, was supposed to travel with his team to the most important match of his career, but instead he finds himself on the train at the last moment, trapped by his thoughts, possibly making the biggest mistake of his life.

Lea and Filip couldn’t be more different – she enjoys Christmas, wears bell earrings and a sweatshirt with a picture of a room, while Filip behaves more like the Grinch and doesn’t understand what’s so special about Christmas. When their paths accidentally cross at the train station, they will have to join forces to get to where they need to go due to a snowstorm – Lea’s home, where she promised her stepmother, and Filip to Prague, where a difficult decision awaits him.

Will it be the end of my journey or the end of my unexpected friendship, or is this just the beginning of something new?

Vianoce v Carntone (Tamera Alexander) – Aletta Prescottová, recently widowed, is trying to get through a difficult period in her life with her young son. When they are threatened with eviction, they find an advertisement for the Women’s Charity Association, which is looking for new employees. After logging in, however, you will find out that all positions have already been filled. However, the meeting with the wounded soldiers will prove to be a new opportunity and the beginning of a friendship. But Aletta asks if she can really trust this man.

Capt. Jake Winston, an excellent Confederate sniper, was wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga and now faces his abilities and his identity under a doctor’s diagnosis. During recovery, he receives an order to help with the auction of the Women’s Charitable Society, although he disagrees with it, because he cannot imagine that he will serve a group of women. Ale rozkazy sú rozkazy, but he soon discovers that this group of women, especially one of them, means more to him than he thought.

Set against the backdrop of the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee, “Christmas in Carnton” is a story about the renewal of hope and the rediscovery of viery during the Christmas season.

Castle in Scotland (Julie Caplin) – After returning from the renowned Killorgally cooking school to the castle in Scotland, Izzy was in for a surprise. Unexpectedly, she finds him in the kitchen of the history professor Ross, but finds out that her mother has already taken advantage of her absence to renovate the castle, which she also rented to groups of wealthy guests during Christmas.

Izzy now has only a few weeks to create a magical hotel from the schátraného castle. Fortunately, he has several helpers at his disposal, among whom, to everyone’s surprise, is Ross. However, Izzy doesn’t want to admit it, she starts thinking about Ross more than she can admit…

But that’s how our road of the pages of płunch sviatočnej mágii ended. Christmas books offer us more than just an escape from everyday life – they bring us closer to the values ​​that Christmas symbolizes: love, hope, gifting and family.

Let these books be your companions in creating new Christmas memories and let them bring you the same pleasure. Let each fragrant page bring a little Christmas feeling to your heart, and let the magic of Christmas shine in every word. Happy Christmas and a happy new year full of stories that enrich your life.


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