Many people grow up in the same conditions as Kurt, but they don’t produce such works

Many people grow up in the same conditions as Kurt, but they don’t produce such works
Many people grow up in the same conditions as Kurt, but they don’t produce such works

Charles R. Cross has been a journalist a pamätník of the bad scene in American Seattle since the mid-1980s. He worked as an editor (later editor) of The Rocket newspaper, which put Nirvana as the first group on the front page. He wrote biographies of Bruce Springsteen and Jimi Hendrix, but his most famous book is the biography of Kurt Cobain Heavier Than Heavenwhich has just been published in Slovenian by N Press under the title Heavier than the sky.

He talks about it in interviews:

  • why did he put off writing the book until the end of the 90s;
  • in what is the main contribution of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain’s nadčasovosť;
  • if for 30 days Seattle was a bad scene;
  • what will jeho ďalšia kniha be about.

Your book is from 2001, the Slovenian translation was done four years ago, where you added a new preface and a completely new chapter at the end. Is there anything else you would add to the book today?

There are still quite a few things I find out almost every day. However, you cannot copy the book all the time. Biographies by som opisal ako sladjana puzzle, with that, even when you start writing, you don’t know how many parts you will find in puzzles. You can expect that there are already 300 parts in the box, but in reality it can be a thousand. You get the whole face when you finish, but every biographer realizes that no book is ultimately a complete portrait of any artist or artist.

With almost everyone I interviewed, my lives became quite significant – with families, friends, co-workers, ex-girlfriends or girlfriends. When you finish the book, it’s not like that, you already leave but you never talk to these people again. But in other interviews, they have memories of other spomienky. That’s enough to add to Kurt Cobain’s biography. But at the same time, his life is one of those lives that I think about, many of which remain a mystery.

Máte to similar ako some bad guys, if they didn’t have album release dates, they’d keep repeating them for a long time?

It is similar, the creative process is developing. Unlike musicians who can do something different with a song at a concert, a writer has to deal with the book as it was printed. It has the option of editing the lines in reissues, which I used. In the current edition from 2019 there are new, significantly different things than in the first edition, but at the same time I was shocked at how good I found it the first time. Of course, it’s not my job to announce that this book is the most beautiful, but many people say it’s a key biography of Kurt Cobain.

I don’t know how many pages the book has in your language, but there are almost four hundred in English. When I submitted the first version of the manuscript, there were another 100 pages that I had to delete.

Kurt in his room at 1210 East First Street in Aberdeen, 1985. PHOTOGRAPH BY COURTNEY LOVE.

You know many of the events you describe firsthand. Cobain died in the spring of 1994. Why did your book first come out with such a delay? Was it too personal?

While Kurt was an active artist, it was very difficult to write his biography. When he died on April 5, 1994, immediately

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